Saga of the Phoenix (1989)
Reviewed by: Cissi on 2001-06-26
Summary: 1/10-UGH
I think during this period Gloria Yip wanted to break into the Japanese market (like how Joey Wong did), which explains the number of Japanese references and actors. Needless to say, she wasn't quite successful in her push, and films like this wasn't going to help her cause.

The muddleness is right there from the start. It seems the people responsible couldn't decide whether or not the film would be set in Tibet or Thailand, so they created Thaibet and hoped no-one noticed. Yeah, as if there are elephants in Tibet and prayer wheels in Thailand! The culture confusion continues as there are Japanese masters in the middle of a Tibetan temple-where did they come from? It felt as though I had just caught the film mid-way through, and this is at the beginning! When that weird creature (I also think it has aspects of Bugs Bunny in it, look at the size of its ears!) I turned it off. Thank God it was on satellite, and I didn't have to pay to watch this piece of shit.
Reviewer Score: 1