Yellow River Fighter (1988)
Reviewed by: Cissi on 2001-06-26
Summary: 7/10-Go fight

Probably the most repeated words in the film :)

Lots of slaughter in a variety of places, including beside the raging Yellow River, in front of ice-covered cliffs and in the desert. And now that you've mentioned it, there certainly are similarities between it and a Western.

Which partly explains its old-fashioness. This is a film with its heart in the 70s, with updated 80s fighting- you have a swordsman who is seeking revenge, and the amount of extras flying through the air and getting killed rivals The Beach Of The War Gods. Still, most of it is pretty fun to watch, and Yue Sing Wai is excellent at drunken sword-fighting. Just pretend you're watching a 70s film :)