The Owl vs Bumbo (1984)
Reviewed by: Cissi on 2001-06-26
Summary: 7/10-Quite entertaining
Another good comedy-martial arts film from Sammo Hung. At the time Michelle Yeoh was just starting out, and her partner, owner of D&B, wanted to promote her. Her role in the film, however, is pretty limited as a gentle teacher trying to teach a group of disinterested young people.

Since there is no synopsis here, I'll provide one :) Sammo Hung and George Lam are two robbers who, after a major robbery decide to go clean. However, they are forced to work together for a volunteer association, run by a weird sounding Deanne Yip, when a policeman, Stanley Fung, sends a letter to them each threatening to expose their roles in the robbery.

A pleasant surprise was Season Ma, who makes an appearance in this as a morose, black-clad young woman. She gives a searing, emotional speech half-way through the film. What a talented actress, shame she didn't do more films!

Typical of Hung's films, there are great fight scenes, like the impressive end ones. An interesting fight scene was Stanley Fung vs Sammo Hung, with Fung showing he's not bad with a broom stick. I didn't find this film particularly funny, save for a part where Wu Ma makes a pretty amusing cameo in the cafeteria.
A scene I found was hilarious was the BMX Calvary, complete with bugle!

Overall, it's pretty entertaining, with Hung and Lam working well together. But if you want to see Michelle Yeoh fight, then you'll have to watch something else :)