Gangs (1988)
Reviewed by: Cissi on 2001-07-17
Summary: 8/10
A gritty, realistic, and entertaining film about gang life in lower-class Hong Kong. This film is a collaboration between a Hong Kong and a Mainland China company, so of course politics would play no part in this.

The film follows the lives of two brothers, Dai Keung and Sai Keung. Dai Keung, the older of the two, is forced into joining a gang, while Sai Keung wants to be just like his older brother and be in his gang. Being in a gang doesn't look so rosy anymore when things start escalating, and their gang is involved in a nasty fight, with one of them killed and the survivors forced into hiding.

The cast of relative unknowns do a great job overall. There are some pretty emotionally searing scenes, esp. when they are all in hiding. I also liked how the movie was written-I really cared about the group and what happened to the main characters. If you can get this film, go watch it :)