Passionate Killing in the Dream (1992)
Reviewed by: hkfilmjunkie on 2001-08-01
Summary: Not too bad
I finally got this on vcd last week and just watched it.The plot is basically
about a woman who helps solve a murder investigation by hints and clues she gets from her dreams.Yeah, it's not the most original outline, but it worked for this film.From the onset of the film she sketches (she's an artist) an outline of him complete in tuxedo and tie but can't get his facial features in the sketch.After some coaxing from a psychiatrist friend of hers, the police start working with her attempting to catch the killer from her clues.At the end of the film, during the big showdown, we find out that the reason the killer is killing is due to a mommy complex and suffering defeat in the ring years ago as a boxer (?), which he ocassionally has flashbacks of from time to time.There are a few fighting sequences that went over fairly well, but as the other reviewer aptly stated, they don't really fit into the film properly.It's like they were added to spice up the film when it starts to drag.Overall it's not a bad little thriller if you can get past the mediocre start.