The Beheaded 1000 (1993)
Reviewed by: hkfilmjunkie on 2001-08-01
Summary: Not as bad as you've been told it was
Upon performing his 1000 th execution, a great executioner unleashes a gang of violent, undead spirits whom he previously beheaded and the start commiting mayhem.It's up to the shy and timid apprentice to step up to the plate and quell the gang of spirits.It has some decent moments and moves along fairly well.The effects could have been better but this is still watchable by far.Anita Mui has a small role as a ghost but could have done more with the role I think.Interestingly, I have read reviews of this film in books that stated it ran almost 2 hours, and I'm sure my copy is definitely longer than 2 hours and is probably closer to 130 minutes total.