The Big Score (1990)
Reviewed by: hkfilmjunkie on 2001-08-01
Summary: Not one of Danny Lee's best films
An awkward cop/action flick starring Danny Lee.This film seems to be trying to mix many elements into it, and not all of them work well together.There is some mild violent scenes in it and when the action scenes come at you they're enjoyable, but the buddy buddy routine between Danny and the other guy (I forget his name at the moment) just doesn't make it on any grounds.I think this film would have fared much better without the unnecessary comedy and concentrated more on being a straight cop actioner.One memorable scene has one half of the hit squad of a man/woman couple of killers is when she blasts a cowering child point blank in the face without the slightest hint of remorse and then casually walks away.I certainly didn't expect something like that in this film.If you're a fan of Danny Lee you might want to hunt this down, otherwise it's nothing special.