Chinatown Kid (1977)
Reviewed by: sarah on 2001-12-15
Summary: "When You Are Poor You Must Struggle"
A classic epic starring a slightly chubby Fu Sheng as an illegal immigrant from the mainland, who gets set up by the local HK Triad (Wang Lung Wei again..Fu Shengs eternal nemesis) and has to go on the run to San Fransisco. The plot is basically Boxer From Shantung in America. It has a superior funkadelic soundtrack and lots of groovy triad boys wearing tight seventies clothes. They have to have torso checks before Chang Cheh lets them on the set but I'm sure he's already passed The Five Deadly Venoms, some of whom fill the other major martial roles with considerable style : Kuo Chui and Chiang Sheng are very stylishly attired opposing Triad Bosses and Sun Chien is the young student Fu Sheng befriends who displays an amazing talent for kicking. These Taiwanese actors went on to be Chang Chehs next great yanggang and made quite a few classics that I am dying to see. They are all incredibly skillful. Fu Sheng wears a little denim waistcoat and a pair of gorgeous spray on denim flares (not very Communist trousers for a man who has swum from the mainland). Its incredible that he can even move let alone fight, but he does and he's in fine form. Somehow his kung fu in this film is more devastating than usual, with very little indication that he might be in any danger of losing a fight. Watch out for Fu Shengs real life wife Jenny Tsang playing the girl whose father owns the laundry.