Iron Monkey (1993)
Reviewed by: 5elementninja on 2001-12-30
Summary: Overrated but still a nice movie
Iron Monkey is the kung fu Robin Hood who robs the rich and gives to the poor townspeople who are stricken with plague. This is a phenominal display of martial arts with tons of high flying action. Donnie Yen is spectacular as the legendary Wong Kei Ying who allies Iron Monkey.

The martial arts in this movie are absolutely spectacular especially from Donnie Yen. His "Shadowless Kick" is possibly some of the best footwork I've seen from any martial artist in recent times. But I still say this movie is EXTREMELY overrated. The storyline is extremely simple, the acting is subpar at best and I didn't think the humor was executed well at all. But all in all the fighting is definitely what makes this movie a stand out.

Reviewer Score: 9