2002 (2001)
Reviewed by: sarah on 2002-02-26
Summary: Dynamic Duo
Having observed with interest the teaming of Nic Tse Ting Fung and Stephen Fung Tak Lun, I found this latest installment very entertaining. Nic is looking magnificent. People who say he only succeeds through nepotism are ignoring his unbelievably photogenic features and an incendiary screen presence, both of which are fully realised here. I have to admit though, I prefer Stephen Fung. IMO he will be one of the biggest stars of the 21st Century. This boy has the kind of IT you have to be born with (no suprise his mother is an old school kungfu star). Both of them have acting in their genes. The other things they have in common are intelligence, and the ability to infuse emotion into their performances. These features mean that they totally supercede the previous generation (Ekin, Aaron etc) in such a way that it gives me hope for the future. At first I found Stephens' hair and persona in this film a bit dissappointing but on repeated viewings I have come to appreciate both much more. Of all the films I have seen these two in, this one makes the most use of their natural rapport and together with a rather original interpretation of the genre this makes for a very amusing film. It is the most I have laughed since I last watched a Sing Jai movie. Sam Lee makes an excellent ghost and that makeup does wonders for his already precipitous cheekbones. It is a shame they wasted so much time on romancing those insipid girlies and didn't do more of the fighting each other hammer and tong that livened up the last reel ( I loved Stephen Fungs "I'm now a baddy" grimace). I hope we can look forward to a few sequels.