Sunshine Cops (1999)
Reviewed by: sarah on 2002-02-20
Summary: Girls Eye View
Usually in HK films one of the joys is all the great supporting actors which abound, but in this film everyone is rubbish except for Stephen Fung and his family, including his co-star, who has no charisma. At least with Nic around you get a bit of electricity happening. Even the baddie puts in a half-hearted performance!
Fung looks a little lost trying to make it a good movie on his own, but he certainly gives it his exhuberent all and is bubbling over with irrepressible good humour. Some of the action scenes are quite impressive and I think his stocky power and physical presence make him a natural action star. There was even a Fu Sheng moment, when the three of them start an impromptu dance party in a car, he warms up with some lovely Shaolin moves.