Super Car Criminals (2000)
Reviewed by: jasonlau128 on 2002-05-31
Summary: A philopino would say this is like a Butt Puck - berry bad pilm
This is the film with the Wong man duck. Also known as white man wong or sei gweilo in chinese. But to be politically correct he is a half-cast. Despite this i still think he is a lun yerng.

The final gun battle is just lame. One officer (who has a mustache)looks as though he just woke up. He should be fearing for his life. Where is the professionalism in that? If i went to the cinema to watch this i would think this is a piece of low budget shit that 2 guys pieced together in week in a cheap hong kond shed.

Koo is often a serious actor and he is one in this film. However, that is of serious contrast here because this film is a joke - Even for a cheap chinese film.

The actors and directors should be dragged out by their hair and shot in the street. And that gweilo should then be shipped to where ever the hell he came from - gweilo land or something.. i don;t know.

I hate that Sei Gweilo. Don't tell him i said that though.

PS i slept with his wife. And she said he had a small one. Almost dickless. He is nothing compared to my big dick - a whole 3 inches long.