Last Hero in China (1993)
Reviewed by: jasonlau128 on 2002-06-06
Summary: absolute and utter
"this is lame."

"this is poo."

"that was gay."

"so shit".

"sai cheen".

"hum ga chan" (angery tone whilst screwing up ticket)

Those are just some of the more polite words i heard uttered as i left the cinema.

Wong fei Hung (like donkey) moves his school next to a whore house. And he invents Chicken style (chinese in-joke). The part with the centepede is beyond ridicule. Completely atrocious.

Absolute shit. Jet li should do what he does best. Go to america and serve buggers. Yes buggers.

Surprisingly 2 gwailo's liked the film. One came out the cinema with a blind stick and the other had his head up his arse.

The film was so boring that this girl started talking to me during the film. Nice voice and i promised i would meet up with her. But when the film ended and the lights came on, i saw what she really looked like. She had 2 arms and 6 legs. What a freak. I ran off screaming.