Time and Tide (2000)
Reviewed by: addy on 2002-06-08
Summary: No more action movie for me for a while
It has so much action… that I got sick of it. Yes, the sound and special effects are great, even better than Matrix. However, after 45 minutes of the same staff I said to myself: "Oh no, here goes again, another shooting spray! Is there anything else in this movie? …"

This movie remind of me of a worst but certainly the most expensive firework show I’ve seen. This memorial weekend almost everybody went to this so-called biggest firework west of Mississippi. True, I can tell they burnt a lot of money during that 30-minute show -it was like watching a finally from the beginning to the end. Strangely, I felt nothing special. I like more of some cheaper firework shows with far fewer blasts, because in between every blast, there is a 2-second dark sky. Do you know what I mean? Too much trills is no thrill, because you get numb!

Seems to me that Tsui Hark through this movie is saying to everyone: “Look! I can do just as good, if not better actions than Hollywood!”

Anyway, after that hour-and-half long torturous thrill, I spent the rest of my evening with a romantic comedy that I made sure it has absolutely no action in it.