Holy Weapon (1993)
Reviewed by: Waiguoren99 on 2002-07-10
Summary: Utterly mad martial arts comedy
Fantasy Martial Arts/Comedy.
Trying to follow the plot of this film is like trying to watch a twelve-ring circus from the center of the tent -- with no rings. But here goes ... The first plot strand concerns the battle between Liu Sang, "Super Sword" (Simon Yam), martial arts champion of Japan, and Chinese master Mo Kake, "Holy Weapon" (Damien Lau) for mastery of the martial arts world. In order to gain enough power defeat Liu, Mo convinces Ghost Doctor and his
daughter-assistant, Blonde, to give him the dangerous "Greatest Drug". Although it works and Liu is defeated,
his defeat is only temporary; he will back in three years. Meanwhile the drug has driven Mo insane. First he appears before his fiancee, Mon Ching Sze (Michelle Yeoh) on the night of their wedding fondling hookers, telling her he is going to make love with them, and then he attacks and kills a number of the wedding guests before disappearing. Ching Sze, terribly hurt, disguises herself as swordsman To Col Ching, "Killer of Heartless Men" and spends the next three years doing just that. A second strand concerns Ng Tung (Dickey Cheung), a young man whose parents betrothed him when he was only seven to Doll, seven years his senior. She has raised him almost like a nursemaid or elder sister and now that he is maturing, he wishes to choose his own bride. On the night of his wedding he escapes, followed by Doll, who is determined to consummate and thus finalize their marriage. A third strand concerns spoiled princess Tin Heung (Maggie Cheung), escaping from a forced marriage to an elderly Korean prince, accompanied by her very butch but horney guard, Yam Kin Fai (Natalie Ng Man-tat) -- who conceives a mad yen for Ng Tung, who has in turn fallen for the princess. The final strand concerns two of Liu's female disciples, Spider, who is posing at a brothel as Ching Sze, and Butterfly, posing as her sister, in order to seduce and destroy the martial artists of China. As the three years are up and Liu Sang returns, they must go to the Ghost Doctor to revive and cure Mo Kake, who has been in a coma. They all end up searching for a sacred hidden book from Mo's burned villa which can teach them the only thing that will defeat Liu -- the Yuen Tin Sword Position. Unfortunately, that can only be performed by seven virgin girls ... and that's just the first half of the movie!

As long as you check any attempt to follow the plot and/or any sense of logic at the door, you will have a wonderful time with this utterly mad martial arts comedy, which could have been made ONLY in Hong Kong. The bizarre plot also contains a green-haired vampire, a Love Flower with legs that runs away when frightened, "Slow-Motion Mud" (guess what it does), and "Feminine Essence Wine" which if drunk by a man will cause his -- a - HEM! -- "masculinity" to disappear whenever he gets wet (and how they portray this is quite a sight!) The broadly comic acting is very fine -- the women in particular are played by some of Hong Kong's top actresses. Special mention goes to Natalie Ng Man-tat, who is hysterical as the lustful female guard. The men are equally fine, especially Dicky Cheung as Ng Tung. Wong Jing's directing is just right for this material, and Tony Ching Siu-tung's action choreography is excellent, as always. There is some wonderful imagery (probably Ching's as it is very reminiscent of the CHINESE GHOST STORY imagery), as in the initial meeting between Liu and Mo on a devastated battlefield, with human carrion birds soaring overhead. There are plenty of thrills, and you will be often overcome with everything from helpless giggles to full-out belly laughs. Martial arts purists will probably hate this film, but truly, it is one for the books -- and not to be missed!I won't rate this one critically -- but it is so durn much fun, I give it five big exclamation points!
Reviewer Score: 9