Love For All Seasons (2003)
Reviewed by: addy on 2003-10-10
Summary: If only you know what's behind it
Do not waste your time if you are a person with no Chinese pop culture background. This is a typical Chinese Lunar New Year box hit meant for Chinese.

Similar to the 2002 New Year hit "Fat Choi Spirit"-you won't enjoy it if you don't know how to play Mahjong.

For some English speakers who are only interested in Martial Art, Love For All Seaons is "playing Chin in front of cows".

The story is by no means "silly" or "absurd", if only you know who "Lee Mo-sou" is and how "Heart-broken Sword Technic" works.

If you ever shed your tears reading the classic novel "Return of Condor Heros" by Jing Yong, or felt heart broken watching the same titled TVB kong-Fu series, this is a tasty desert to cheer you up.