Wild Search (1989)
Reviewed by: JUlibas on 2003-10-14
Summary: Tightly shot Docu-drama by Ringo Lam, not a cheap remake of Witness
Wild Search is a Ringo Lam docu-drama starring Yun-Fat Chow and Cherie Cheung. Lam regular Roy Cheung co-stars as a gun runner out to get revenge on Chow (playing a HK cop looking for contraband firearms). Cheung plays a countryfied woman who's cute as a button daughter witnesses a nasty murder. Lam's other regulars Joe Chu and Tommy Wong also make guest star apperences.

What I like about this movie is the way the action scenes were shot. Lam uses his camera to follow the scenes as if they were real gun battles instead of fire fights staged in front of an audience. Oh well. As in all of Lam's films, the film has heart
and emotion not usually found in films of this genre. Yes, Ringo Lam is a one of a kind director.