Follow the Star (1978)
Reviewed by: JUlibas on 2003-10-22
Summary: Weird comedy from John Woo
Rowena Cortes is a young pop star that is constantly being attacked from all directions by a gang of James Bondian villians. She bumps into Roy Chiao, a drunk mechanic and is taken by his goofiness and tries to hire him as a bodyguard. At first he declines until he mixes it up with the evil villians (a gunman with cateracts, a iron fisted thug, Fung Hark-On killing people with a deck of cards, a steel headed hitman and a flaming assasin) they're led by a mysterious man wearing a monkey mask?! This is a pretty weird movie. I enjoyed a lot. My only complaint is that their's no widescreen print availible. I saw it cropped and the subtitles were barely visible. The ending of the movie takes place in a church (i.e. The Killer). Roy Chiao is surprisingly entertaining as the drunk father figure/Guardian and Rowena Cortes is simply adorable.

Highly recommended for John Woo fans.