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Welcome to the HKMDB

Postby bkasten » Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:40 pm


The Hong Kong Movie Database (HKMDB) is a completely free place to look up highly detailed information about films made in Hong Kong, or films associated in some way with Hong Kong film production.

The HKMDB's usefulness and uniqueness comes from the data being completely bi-lingual. It is in the Chinese language as well as in English. While primarily in English, the site's data is 100% based in the Chinese language. No films or persons are added to this database without first having a Chinese name.

The HKMDB data is meticulously added, maintained and updated by the tremendous work and extreme multi-decade dedication of the HKMDB Immortals and the rest of the HKMDB Editors and contributors team.

On the technical side, the site's unix server, storage, backups, *sql database, HTML::Mason, perl and php code, and html/css markup...have been administered, maintained and developed by me (Bob Kasten) starting in 2002. In 2000, the original relational database schema and perl/mason code were implemented by Eric Schneider and Dave Rolsky.

Ryan Law did all the original content research, and founded the HKMDB on Nov 1st 1995.
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