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Black Belt Karate - Credit and Credit Images

Postby TimothyHo » Sat Jun 25, 2022 6:31 am

I found the Indonesian Copy of this movie

There's more Cast and Crew on the credit of this version
The video itself in low quality, but i try my best to write the Indonesian Cast and Crew based on this version (a few of them unreadable, so i skip a few of them)

Black Belt Karate
Indonesian Title: Karate Sabuk Hitam

Toto Soegianto (as Ramos, or in Mandarin Version: Lamoz)
Lee Chin Kun (as Tommy)
Deasy Surachman (as Dewi, or in Mandarin Version: Tan-Wei, Teacher's Daughter)
Willy Dozan (It's Billy Chong, as Yanto
In Indonesian Version, he only one of the Yanto's Student, but in Mandarin Version, he's the Yanto's/Teacher Son)
R.D. Mochtar (Setyo, Head of "Perguruan Elang Emas", or in Mandarin Version called as "Golden Eagle Military School")

Heru Sutanto
Kies Slamet
David Sembel
Simon Sudarso

Guest Star: Lo Lieh, Bruce Leung Siu-Lung

Lighting: Abdulrahman Ismail, Denny, Donky, Gani, Anwar

Makeup: Asep Suparman

Art Director: Yasim Kalu

Property: Dharmono. S

Set Decor (or just "Set" ?): Arifin

Juru Foto (I guess it's "still"): Yunus Muliawan

Martial Arts Director: Lee Chin Kun, David Sembel

Laboratory: Hong Kong Color Movielab Ltd.

Unit Manager: Hasan Wijaya

Assisten Unit (Unit Assisten or something): Umirto Sugiharto

Production Manager: Djohan B.A.

Director: Wisjnu Mouradhy

Credit Images: ... 8yXlAJoZ6_

Additional data
According on this site:
- ... abuk-hitam
- ... 19/Details

This movie movie produced by PT. Cinerama Film
Producer: Adji Aswin
Sound Director: E. Sambas, Sutarno, Sutarya
Editor: Mulyadi

Additional Cast:
Innawati Cynthia
Maswod Azham
In this site, David Sembel called as "David Gembel"
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