Golden City (Jincheng) Film Company

Alias :
Production Company
  Chamber of Powder and Rouge (1938)
  Suicide of an Empress (1939)
  The Seductive Empress Now and Then (1939)
  The Beautiful Woman Warrior (1939)
  Hubbub at Three Gate Street (1939)
  I am a Female Companion (1939)
  Triple Stealing of the Nine-Dragon Cup (1939)
  The Swordswoman of the Wild River: Against the Han Clan (1940)
  For the Love of a Woman (1940)
  Mayhem on the Spring Lantern Festival (1940)
  The Ancient Beauty, Meng Lijun (1949)
  The Oil Vendor Wins a Pretty Bride (1950)
  A Dream of Red Mansions (1951)
  Twelve Cheeky Girls (1951)
  The Red House by the Sea (1952)
  Perfect Match (1952)
  A Mother's Tears (1955)
  Madame Qin Xianglian (1958)
  The Useless Bunch (1959)
  To Whom Should the True Murderer Be? (1960)
  Twelve Beauties (1964)
  Unrewarding Love (1964)
  Wishing You the Best of Luck (1964)
  The Powerful Fist of a Thousand Hands (Part 2) (1965)
  The Powerful Fist of a Thousand Hands (Part 1) (1965)
  Family Doctrine (Part 2) (1965)
  Family Doctrine (Part 1) (1965)
  Love Never Ages (1965)
  You Are the One I Love (1967)
  Twin Jaded Fish (1958)