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Ta Chung Motion Picture Co.

Alias : 大衆影業公司
Alias : T C M P C
Alias : Founder: Acclaimed director Pai Ching-Jui/Bai Jing Rui (1931-1997) partnered with Lee Hsing and other prominent filmmakers in 1969 to establish the Ta Chung Motion Picture Company (TCMPC)
  Accidental Trio (1969)
  From Home with Love (1970)
  Life with Mother (1971)
  The Fake Tycoon (1971)
  Love Styles XYZ (1971)
  Execution in Autumn (1972)
  Heart with a Million Knots (1973)
  Story of Mother (1973)
  My Father, My Husband, My Son (1974)
  The Big Raid (1974)
  Autumn Love Song (1976)
  Melody from Heaven (1977)
  Hi, Honey (1977)
  China, My Native Land (1980)
  Another Spring (1980)
  Six Is Company (1982)