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Qinghua Film Company

Production Company
  The Wedding Night (1947)
  Third-Master Sha and the Lady Yin (1947)
  The Beautiful and the Handsome (1947)
  A Spoilt Brat (1948)
  Native Scholar (1948)
  Two Drug Addicts Sweep a Long Dike (1948)
  Everything Goes My Way (1948)
  God's Punishment to the Good Man (1948)
  Joy and Success (1948)
  Wu Song's Adventure of the Lion Pavilion (1948)
  The Cow Boy and the Sewing Girl (1949)
  The Red Chamber Dream (1949)
  Lu Bu's Trick on Diao Chan (1949)
  The Great Wall (1949)
  Mo Tsung's Bloody Fight at Double Pavilion (1949)
  Death Is Welcome When Life Is Dreary (1950)