Tai Lien Film Co., Ltd.

Alias: Tai Lian Movie Company
Alias :
Production Company
  Brother Wang and Brother Liu on the Roads in Taiwan (1959)
  Pigsy Rescues vs Leopard (1959)
  Twelve Widows' Journey to West (1962)
  Ali Baba and the Forty Robbers (1963)
  Fan Li-Hua Leaves the Mountain the Fourth Time (1963)
  Waiting for You Year After Year (1963)
  Gu Nu Ling Po (1964)
  Early Train from Taipei (1964)
  Song Jun Xin Mian Mian (1965)
  Bei Qing Yuan Yang Meng (1965)
  Tarzan and the Treasure (1965)
  Tiger Bites Tiger (1966)
  Woman Island Spy Battle (1966)
  Spy Red Rose (1966)
  Gambit (1968)
  Mulian Saving His Mother (1968)
  Jiang Zi-Ya Descends the Mountain (1969)
  Sun and Pang's War of Nerve (1969)
  Secret Agent Chung King No.1 (1970)