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Foo Leng Recording Studio

Recording Studio
  All Night Long (1989)
  Saga of the Phoenix (1989)
  Spy Games (1989)
  Encounter of the Spooky Kind II (1990)
  A Chinese Ghost Story II (1990)
  The Revenge of Angel (1990)
  Gun n' Rose (1992)
Sound Post-Production Studio
  The Killer (1989)
  Seven Warriors (1989)
  Dragon Fight (1989)
  Just Heroes (1989)
  Ghost Ballroom (1989)
  Into the Fire (1989)
  Swordsman (1990)
  Erotic Ghost Story (1990)
  Curry and Pepper (1990)
  A Moment of Romance (1990)
  Look Out, Officer! (1990)
  Rebel from China (1990)
  King of Gambler (1990)
  The Raid (1991)
  The Blue Jean Monster (1991)
  Return of the Evil Fox (1991)
  Red Shield (1991)
  The Good, the Bad and the Bandit (1991)