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Chi Yau (Liberty Film Company)

Production Company
  Notorious Woman (1953)
  Sweet Seventeen (1954)
  Queen of the Stage (1955)
  Season of Budding Roses (1956)
  Life and Love of a Horse-Cart Driver (1956)
  Romance at Sun Moon Lake (1956)
  A Matter of Face (1956)
  Sister Fulan (1956)
  Lady Sings the Blues (1957)
  The Mermaid Princess (1957)
  Prince of the Sea (1958)
  Pretty Enemy (1958)
  Little Wild Cat (1958)
  Marriage Is a Life-Long Business (1958)
  Sugar-Cane Girl (1958)
  Orphans of the Storm (1959)
  As Glamourous as the Galaxy (1959)
  A Matter of Face (1956)
  Two Outstanding Asses (1959)