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Ǯǩ۩Ǯv (1978)
Peculiar Boxing Tricks and the Master

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 12/30/2007

Hsiao Lei (Ting Wa Chung) and his buddy (Hui Bat Liu) are a couple of bumbling idiots that like to chicken fight, dabble in kung fu, and work at a bean curd sweat shop for an old grandpa (Simon Yuen). Soon, the fools get mixed up with some town thugs, and eventually their prize cock is stolen. A drunken Master named Lu Chin Fei(Li Min Chin) steps in and offers his help to the 2 bumbling fools to improve their kung fu in the name of “iron back” kung fu. Eventually, Hsiao Lei and company must take on Lu Chin Fei’s nemeis, Shu Pao (Chiang Tao), a master of chicken fist kung fu.