L2002 (2002)
Conman 2002

Reviewed by: zarrsadus
Date: 03/12/2004
Summary: Unexpected

Don't br thrown off by the first 15 minutes, this really is another Conman movie. The movie starts with what seems like a romantic comedy maybe, but then suddenly the gambling action picks up and it turns into a funny comedy. The spin this movie takes on the "super gambler" theme that is always in movies is original, since our "hero" is actually always unlucky. This is exploited by his friend as they gamble based on his cursed bad luck. After a couple typical plots with gambling, women, and betrayals there's a final showdown gambling tournament. Once again they're betting on the World Cup and the entire ending is rather cliche if you've seen any of the other gambling movies like Conman in Tokyo. Overall it was enjoyable and funny, if not a worn out genre. I hadn't seen any new gambling movies in a while so Conman 2002 fit a nice void for me making it still a good watch even with it's short comings. 6.5 out of 10

Reviewer Score: 6

Reviewed by: mrblue
Date: 09/19/2003

This movie was really good -- at least the parts with Stephen Fung in them. Even though Fung isn't the best actor, he has a nice charisma about him, and I usually enjoy his work. Hell, he even made Gen-Y Cops at least somewhat enjoyable to watch. It's just too bad in this case that he had to be paired with Nick Cheung, whose spastic work makes Tom Green or Carrot Top seem almost sedate.

Anyway, back to the film itself. The Conman 2002's plot has Nick Cheung as a loser cursed with bad luck who meets up with a cute nurse (Mango Wong) on one of his many trips to the hospital. Wong's brother (our guy Stephen) is the current "God of Gamblers", and when he meets Nick, dollar signs pop in front of his eyes when he realizes Nick can be used to sway bets. Stephen eventually takes control of all the local casinos, which, of course, leads to a climatic gambling duel.

This might have been some good gambling movie stuff, but the sad fact remains that The Conman 2002 stars Nick Cheung. I'm sure he's a very nice guy and some of his Cantonese puns are obviously lost on this gweilo viewer, but damn, does this guy suck. He tries so hard to be Stephen Chow that he brings down the whole movie as a process. The rest of the cast (especially Wong Jing's dad, Wong Tin Lam) does a good job given what they had to work with, but Nick's performance throws the proverbial monkey wrench into the proceedings.

If The Conman 2002 had concentrated more on Stephen Fung's character, we might have had a winner. Alas, with Nick Cheung at the helm, it really goes nowhere. Despite some nice eye candy from the female leads and a good gambling finale, The Conman 2002 doesn't really offer much of interest to the viewer, especially if they have already seen the better films in the genre like God of Gamblers. Wong Jing has long been known for being able to repeatedly use the same ideas over and over again with good results, but if The Conman 2002 is any indication, it might be time for Wong to fold the whole "God of Gamblers" idea instead of subjecting audiences to yet another stunningly average effort.

Reviewed by: honloo
Date: 02/03/2003
Summary: The Conman 2002 Gorgeous Ms Sauna! (By Monica Lo)

The Conman 2002 – Gorgeous Ms Sauna! (By Monica Lo)

Monica Lo
Nick Cheung Ka Fai
Wyman Wong Wai Man
Stephen Fung Tak Lun
Lo Suk-Yee
Wong Tin-Lam
Keung Hon-Man
Helena Law Lan
Mango Wong Sau Lam (Nurse)
Wong Yat-Fei
Philip Keung
Aman Cheung
Wong Jing

Nick Cheung (Lee Ka Shing) is a born loser and will cause bad luck to anyone stick with him. He attempted suicide many times and later fall in love with a nurse. This girl is not bad. Later, Nick work with her brother (Bro Spring) by winning lots of money by causing bad luck to the opponents.

Nick got rich and ordered some prostitutes, but they are really ugly. Then Ms. Sauna (a very gorgeous lady – Monica Lo) came in and all she needs to do was pointed at Nick and he came to her. Sauna gave him her beautiful hand and introduces her name. Nick said it’s hot to know her name. Sauna invites Nick to have shower with her.

Sauna brings Nick to a place, play games with him and get all her guards to come out. See, Sauna’s boss (Bro 9) offer Nick to work for him and pay him double and also gets Ms. Sauna. The boss said, Ms Sauna is much better than that nurse; Ms. Sauna got pretty face, sexy body, and can even act as nurse, policewoman, etc. Nick refused. Ms. Sauna offered a very good solution – kill him.

Ms. Sauna with her guards are ready to bury Nick and Nick praised her by saying she has long leg, big breast, brown eyes, etc. Then, Nick’s people came. Ms. Sauna’s guards are ready to fight, but Ms. Sauna is smart. She knew she is outnumbered. Quickly, she shows her beautiful face and said “You wouldn’t beat woman?” Of course they let her go.

Ms. Sauna came with her guards and asks Nick to work for her again. But, this stupid guy again refused. They broke into Nick’s house but could not get Bro Spring. Ms. Sauna sits on top of Nick, just like the James Bond Movie, “The World is not Enough”. Ms. Sauna said, “In fact, I like you a bit. If you bring in Bro Spring, then I can be yours!” That’s an amazing deal!!! Nick said, “You are very beautiful, and you are a woman that every men will die for, but not good as a wife”. Ms. Sauna slapped him twice and said “I can make men happy until mad, but I can also torture a man like hell. Now chose!” As Ms. Sauna was about to cut off his balls, these jokers Shaolin guys came in. Ms. Sauna kicked one of the guy’s balls and hurt herself. Ms. Sauna said she’ll leave but at last she took a bottle and smashed at the monk’s head. None of the Shaolin guys want to hurt her. She said “Watch out” and left.

At the end, Ms. Sauna wanted to shot Bro Spring but stopped by Nick. But, Ms. Sauna said “You wouldn’t hurt me?” and got away but the nurse came and beat her up badly.

Character Analysis of Miss Sauna

1. Ms. Sauna is the only one who has the most guards around her at all times. She seems to have more guards than Bro 9. She must be treasured by Bro 9. So, how could Bro 9 willing to give away Ms. Sauna to Nick?
2. Nick was offered better pay and Ms. Sauna for free. I think Ms. Sauna alone is priceless. Is Nick blind to opt for the tasteless nurse?
3. When Bro Spring’s people came to save Nick, I do not think they will hurt Ms. Sauna at all. Ms. Sauna should not retreat and just kill Nick.
4. Ms. Sauna has offered herself to Nick 3 times, how can he refuse?
5. Ms. Sauna really got guts. She kicked the monk’s balls and smashed their heads and coolly walked out. She should know that the monks are not going to hurt. Again, she could have just killed Nick.
6. Nick did not have the heart to hurt Ms. Sauna but the nurse beat her up badly. Why didn’t Nick stop that nurse from hurting her? What happen to all the guards who have been loyal to Ms. Sauna? The guards can forget Bro 9 as he might be bankrupt, but they don’t work for Ms. Sauna for money. The guards were always loyal, respect, affected to take good care of Ms. Sauna.
7. At the end, Bro 9 was taken away by the police, but not Ms. Sauna. I hope Wong Jing will do a sequel for this. Ms. Sauna recouped back all her loyal guards, take over Bro 9’s business and even recruited many Bro Spring’s people using her beauty and seek revenge.