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萬里雄風 (1971)
Rider of Revenge

Reviewed by: calros
Date: 09/07/2005
Summary: Not the best of Polly.

I felt somehow dissapointed with this swordplay movie in which, once more, the girl (Polly Kwan, this time using a toothed sword), the bold (Tien Peng) and the crazy (Ching Pin) team up to fight villainous Miao Tien and his henchmen. The swordplay scenes are a bit slow -it seems that the people involved was tired or with flu- and they are nothing special. The best thing of the movie is its always inspired cinematography, by reputed Chen Yu Pu. On the contrary, the music is not very inspired, it plagiarizes "Calvera's Theme" from "The Magnificent Seven".

Reviewer Score: 5