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北少林南跆拳 (1984)
South Shaolin Vs North Shaolin

Reviewed by: Frank Lakatos
Date: 10/14/2005
Summary: This is a Korean and Taiwanese coproduction

This is a Korean and Taiwanese coproduction, with two different versions for each country. The best version is the Korean version, because it is more dramatic, with the extra scenes, the acting has a ethic Korean feel to it, which matches the Korean language better than the Mandarin dub, and the music scoring is better in some scenes. Casanova Wong has help directing this movie, as some scenes are awkward and worse then others, meaning there was more than one director on board, as this was a coproduction anyways. The action is sped up, but the final fight between Casanova Wong and Han Ying is long and well choreographed. The same Taiwanese production company, Lucky Stars, did another Korean coproduction in 1984, which is not listen in the database becaus eit is a Taiwanes emovie, titled Shaolin vs Tai Chi(1984), but that movie was shot in Taiwan, with one beginning scene shot in Korea. If you have nothing to watch, South Shaolin vs North Shaolin is quite a fun viewing. ***(Korean version)**(Taiwanese version)/*****