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邪妻 (1981)
Wicked Wife

Reviewed by: megatone
Date: 08/19/2006
Summary: Centipede barfing and tiger girl

The plot is quite hard to follow and at moments the feeling is to been watching a sort of Godfrey Ho production with two or more movies sticked together.
At first there's a trail of mysterious killing by a girl who seems able to turn into a tiger, then there's a wizard who uses as weapon some poisonous centipedes ("I want to thank God give me the centipede" is the wizard motto). The victims must be immediately buried or, as the wizard says, "they return as ghosts". Then a multitude of subplots including a whorehouse, body doubles, some martial arts fighting, a song and, at the end of the movie to increase the exploitation meter, some live centipedes barfing ala CENTIPEDE HORROR (here were much more big and nasty looking). A couple of the tiger attack scenes look as lifted from a mondo movie especially the one with a very young boy but the editing is so inept that makes it look more like a comical scene than a dramatic one.

Overall Wicked Wife is rather boring and can be enjoyed only by fans of particularly obscure horror movies for its few trashy moments.

The Ocean Shores VCD looks like is snipped at the end but is difficult to say considering the general bad condition of the print used.

Reviewer Score: 5