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天邊一朵雲 (2005)
The Wayward Cloud

Reviewed by: pjshimmer
Date: 02/05/2006

Tsai Ming Liang's latest offering explores human isolation in the porn industry. As always, he recruits actor Lee Kang Sheng, who has appeared in all of Tsai's movies so far. This movie is full of graphical sex scenes related to its pornographic subject, but what's more apparent is the minimalist style. I believe there is only ONE line of real dialogue in the entire film! You will also find musical numbers injected throughout the running time--ranging from penis hat-wearing feminists in the restroom, to cute looking women seducing a Shang Kai-Shek statue in public. The Wayward Cloud is as far as you can get from studio mainstream.

Reviewer Score: 6