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愛情萬歲 (2008)
Love Is Elsewhere

Reviewed by: MrBooth
Date: 04/02/2008

Low budget indie film about the lives and loves of a group of tweenies in HK's SoHo district, centred around the bar "Love in SoHo" whose owners are renowned for dispensing love advice.

Vincent Chui's film has some funny moments and some vaguely romantic ones. It tries not to be too sugary in its depiction of young love, but doesn't manage to be particularly insightful instead.

The cast are mostly young Cantopop stars making their acting debuts, and most do a pretty good job. Actually the younger cast members generally act better than their older and theoretically more experienced colleagues.

Will probably appeal to HK residents who can identify with (and are fans of) the young cast, but for a viewer who has been around the block a few times there is not likely to be much to hold the interest.

Reviewer Score: 4