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有隻僵屍暗戀你 (2008)
The Vampire Who Admires Me

Reviewed by: ororama
Date: 10/23/2019

The Vampire Who Admires Me is a horror comedy without much horror or comedy. A temperamental photographer decides to bring some models to the spooky mansion of the company's owner to create the proper atmosphere for a horror themed photo shoot. A vampire ancestor of the owner has recently been revived and has begun attacking the locals on the apparently sparsely populated island, so the agency is unknowingly providing him with fresh prey. The photo sessions with the models in bikinis are interspersed with tepid jokes from the island's small force of bumbling cops, and eventually the killing begins. The vampires generally have the attributes of hopping corpses but also drink blood, and can be killed by a stake through the heart or by fire, but the King Vampire (great grandpa) is harder to kill. A few unlikely and unconvincing romances begin, but are doomed to end with at least one of the parties falling victim to a vampire.

The movie is too loosely written and needs more plot, relying on horror cliches without providing anything new or any conviction in its execution. It needs more than the plastic fangs, bad horror makeup, mediocre pyrotechnics and pretty girls with large breasts that it relies on.