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뺡a (2010)
Crossing Hennessy

Reviewed by: evirei
Date: 11/14/2011

Definately a return to the screen for both Jacky Cheung and Tang Wei after both has not appeared on film for some time.

Crossing Hennessy is a slow movie, with very slow pace with no climax to the show. It's the kind of movie that tells tales about daily life, and of course Hong Kong cultures

However, I'm quite disappointed with the movie as it was potrayed as a romantic comedy like movie from the trailer, but was otherwise in the movie. Not only that, there are serious lack of character develepment despite given such a long 1hrs 45mins time to work with.

I believe the actors can do much better should director Ivy, could just spend time, thinking... what she wants to achieve and what should be presented.

Reviewer Score: 4