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拳皇 (2010)
The King of Fighters

Reviewed by: AV1979
Date: 10/28/2010
Summary: Gordon Chan Should Have Stayed Away

Not all video games are meant to become movies. With all due respect to Gordon Chan, the blame goes more to the screen writers for using the Orochi storyline in an alternate universe. The execution of the script and the idea of an "alternate universe" doesn't fit well here.

The fight scenes are not too bad, but some are not too great. Ray Park mostly hams it up and Sean Faris, as Kyo Kusanagi, seems to have excelled in his action skills since the 2008 Hollywood film NEVER BACK DOWN. Will Yun Lee truly is underrated and needs to do a film where he can really showcase his martial arts talent. As Terry Bogard, action director David Leitch spends more time as a punching bag, but does his best to deliver the fights with a sub-par script.

Gordon Chan should have just used the 'Alan Smithee' pseudonym for this one IMO.

Reviewer Score: 2