Parents' Hearts

Reviewed by: dleedlee
Date: 11/30/2003

Ma Sze-Tsang is laid off when the Cantonese opera troupe no longer attracts a crowd. He's forced to pawn his costumes and reduced to playing a pathetic clown role and finally as a street performer to try and raise the money for tuition for his older son (Lam Kar Sing). His younger son (Yuan Siu Fei) follows his father's footsteps and learns opera.

Excellent acting performances by Ma Sze-Tsang as the good hearted, easy going father who loves his two sons. The younger son steals the scene whenever he's on screen. Wong Man-Lei is the steely eyed suffering mother.

Not sure why the credits say Ma Sze-Tsang is the 'jealous husband'.

The film opens with a Ma Sze-Tsang performing a scene from the opera Judge Goes To Pieces also made into a film (1948) which Stephen Chiau remade as Justice My Foot.

Reviewer Score: 7