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賊王子 (1958)
Prince of Thieves

Reviewed by: dleedlee
Date: 11/24/2003
Summary: A musical fantasy

Ho Fei-Fan is Hung Fong a Robin Hood type. He wins the heart of Princess Coral (Mui Yee) over five competing princes. One is the evil crown prince, the other four are 'clown' princes, including Sai Gwau Pau the fez topped watermelon prince (he actually eats them here), Cheung Kwun Min, the caballero prince, complete with ukelele, a very effiminate Egyptian prince and a Toishan-wah(?) speaking prince.

Flying carpets, crystal balls, magic apples and a very rigid flying horse appear in this 'arabian' fantasy.

Mui Yee as the Princess Coral has never looked more fetching in her I Dream of Jeannie outfit. Lee Bo-Ying as the good maid Sui-Yuk is also very cute.

The film ends in a spectacular fight scene where Hung Fong rescues the princess.

Reviewer Score: 7