߬۳{ (1960)
Dreams Come True

Reviewed by: Stephe
Date: 01/27/2011

In Dreams Come True, Kitty Ting Hao plays a poor orphan girl
who sells flowers and is hassled by two local toughs who extort
her for protection money. Since this is primarily a comedy, she
is saved when at a ship arrival, a wealthy young man, played by
Kelly Lai Chen, mistakes her for a woman due to arrive from San
Francisco and takes her home. The bulk of the film has Kitty
hiding from Kelly's family finding out her true identity, while
trying to evade her extorters. When the real San Francisco woman
arrives, it is Kitty in a tight shimmery cheongsam with coke
bottle glasses and fake protruding upper canine teeth. Looking
for their missing daughter, the orphan girl's parents mistake the
San Francisco woman for their own. To her credit, Kitty plays the
Chinese-American woman with deft body language that makes it hard
to believe that it's really her. In the end, everything works out
well for everyone. Sort of fun despite the undercurrent with the

Reviewer Score: 5

Reviewed by: duriandave
Date: 10/24/2005

What a surprise! Dreams Come True, a screwball comedy starring Kitty Ting Hao in a dual role as a poor flower girl who gets mistaken for a rich girl visiting from San Francisco, comes out of left field to enter my Top 5 Cathay releases.

The movie is exceptional across the board: great cinematography featuring some amazing location footage of 1960s Hong Kong; hilarious comic performances with spot-on timing; three wonderful songs, including a tongue-in-cheek "folk song" spoofing the lifestyle of the rich; and so much more.

I even liked leading man Kelly Lai Chen (who didn't fare too well in my review of Because of Her). The rest of the supporting cast are excellent, even if they appear for only one scene. As for Kitty Ting Hao, she really impresses with her dual roles. As the poor girl thrown into the upper class, she provides many priceless moments of fish-out-of-water comedy. When she shows up later as the real rich girl, her mannerisms are so different that you forget it is Kitty beneath the role.

The top-notch quality of the film is undoubtedly a result of director Bu Wancang, a veteran from 1930s Shanghai, who made the classic New Woman with Ruan Lingyu. I wasn't aware that he worked for Cathay, but evidently he made several films for them in 1960 and also several for Shaw Brothers in that same year. Hopefully, these films will get a DVD release some day. In the meantime, don't pass up Dreams Come True. It gets a perfect score in my book.

Reviewer Score: 10