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飄萍恨(上集) (1960)
The Affairs of Miss Ping (Part 1)

Reviewed by: dleedlee
Date: 11/25/2003
Summary: I really enjoyed this two part melodrama

Yuk-Ping is swindled AND left pregnant by her boyfriend (Cheng Gwan Min in a baddie role). She abandons her baby to be raised by her sister, Yuk-Ming, and her husband. Though poor, they lovingly raise the baby. Yuk-Ping meets rich widower (Leung Sing Bo) and becomes his second wife. In a scene reminiscent of All About Ah Long, they come to reclaim the boy, now ten, from the heart broken foster parents.

The theme song from Love Is A Many Splendored Thing and Swanee River can also be heard in this film.

Reviewer Score: 7