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鐵金剛海空奪寶 (1965)
Treasure Hunt

Reviewed by: dleedlee
Date: 02/14/2004

Treasure Hunt starts out with an exciting police chase scene at night and I'm expecting a noir action film.
Instead, it evolves into a standard HK mix of action and comedy. The action is quite plentiful and Tong Gaai is the action/fight coordinator so all is not lost.

Yuen (Cheung Ying Tsoi) is a reformed criminal who rescues Mei (Nam Hung) from an attempted assault on a boat and then latter marries her. But a year later, Big Brother (Sek Kin) comes looking for Yuen to return to his past. Yuen refuses and chooses the straight path. But Big Brother stages a gambling den robbery and frames Yuen. This brings in Inspector Tam (Yue Ming) on the case and the film takes a more comedic turn. Chow Kat also appears a uniformed cop. In one chase scene Sek Kin's henchman (Lam Gau?) jumps off the roof from two stories with the aid of a little camera trickery.

In addition to the fight scenes,
when Mei ends up in the hospital Yuen takes a job at the carnival, first as a target for a knife thrower, then a foil for a judo demonstration.
The film's grand finale is fight between Yuen and Sek Kin in a single propeller plane where they both end up outside the plane! There's something in the plot about some jewels but I didn't follow it and in the end it doesn't much matter. Watch it for the action scenes and Sek Kin.

Reviewer Score: 6