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ɤk (1968)
Opposite Love

Reviewed by: dleedlee
Date: 08/19/2004

Plot Summary:
Ming and adopted sister Siu Ling, plays piano and sings, respectively, at a club operated by Laap Keung. Ming (Wu Fung) secretly loves Siu Ling (Chan Po-Chu) but Laap Keung (Cheung Ching) is the one who proposes to her. Laap Keung’s father suspects that she is a golddigger and threatens to cut him off unless he returns to Singapore. After 3 years, Siu Ling discovers that her letters to Laap Keung have been intercepted by his father. The two are reunited when she flies to Singapore. But Keung’s father has arranged for him to marry Kar Li (Law Lan). She returns to Hong Kong where Ming stops her from committing suicide. Ming then proposes to her but she learns that Ming has cancer and hides it from him. When he finally learns the truth, he flies to Singapore and brings Keung back with him.

Reviewer Score: 6