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落花時節 (1968)
Fallen Petals

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 05/29/2004

I kind of like old movies like this one. The flick takes place in Taiwan, during World War II, when the island was a colony of Japan. The main character of the flick, Li Tien Si (O Chun Hung), has a nice family, under military training at a Japanese school, and is engaged to a pretty lady (Chu Ching) that he doesn’t really love. Life just feels so incomplete. Things start to turn around when he meets a young lady named Yu Lan (Chang Mei Yao) whom he immediately falls in love. Literally love at first sight. The two knock boots and the next thing you Tien Si is drafted into the Japanese Army and forced to leave his NOW pregnant girlfriend behind. A few years past and Tien Si is presumed dead in action. Yu Lan, her hand forced, has no money to rear her child, so she takes a job as a bar girl. Unexpectedly for Yu Lan, Tien Si returns from “missing in action”, and the two reacquaint with each other passionately. Can things end on a good note? Sounds too good to be true. Sadly, in my honest opinion, the ending is quite dramatic and definitely not predictable. The ending just left me in a sad mood. Good movie nevertheless.