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無名英雄 (1971)
The Anonymous Heroes

Reviewed by: Gaijin84
Date: 01/13/2016
Summary: The Iron Triangle comes through again...

A perennial Chang Cheh favorite, Anonymous Heroes focuses on two vagabond brothers, Meng Kang (David Chiang) and Tieh Hu (Ti Lung) who, in the search for fame and fortune, join a rebellion against a ruthless general. Used to shaking down local vendors for food and gambling away their funds, they are recruited by a local rebellion leader (Ku Feng) who promises them a glorious adventure. The rebels plan is to steal a huge cache of new rifles set to be delivered to the barracks of the province's army. With the help of a local lieutenant's daughter (Ching Li), their plan starts out well but inevitably leads towards a heroic but tragic finale.


Reviewer Score: 7

Reviewed by: cal42
Date: 06/20/2006
Summary: Up the Revolution!

Meng Kang (David Chiang) is a Robin Hood style bandit along with his brother Tieh (Ti Lung) and Pepper (Chin Li), the daughter of the local Customs Officer. A Revolutionary offers them the job of taking 3,000 rifles from the local army to reunite the country. They steal the guns and head south, much to the annoyance of Marshal Chin, who, along with his army, follows them every step of the way.

You’ve just got to admire the scope and ambition of these Shaw Brothers films from this period, even if they don’t quite pull it off sometimes. This one is about a 50-50, but the bar is raised by some seriously good action.

You’ve also got to admire their attempts at special effects – the miniature used for the crashing train obviously took a lot of effort, although sadly the whole shot seems woefully inept nowadays. In fact, the whole train section of this film is let down by wobbly effects. The scene switches between location shots of horseback riders shooting at the train to ineffective studio shots – complete with rolling pastel-painted trees. Another howler is the “split-screen” telephone conversations between the officials – which were not timed right and often results in both speakers talking simultaneously or leaving long, uncomfortable gaps in their dialogue!

However, it does have some great action scenes with stars Ti Lung and David Chiang, and the script is more or less watertight. The “heist” plotline is good and makes for fairly gripping viewing at times, and the stars’ continual out-of-the-frying-pan-and-into-the-fire mishaps keep the film moving at a brisk pace, although it does feel rather flat in the middle section.

This is more than made up for in the final reel though, which ends in the usual Chang Cheh mix of honour and bloodletting. Definitely one to watch at least once.

Reviewer Score: 8

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 01/10/2003

The story is about an Anti Ching rebel named Wan (Ku Feng) who comes to the North to recruit a couple of free spirits, Meng Kang (David Chiang) and Tieh (Ti Lung), to help him pull off a heist of a Warlord’s (Ching Miao) weapons cache. OK movie with lousy gun fights in tight quarters