_ (1972)
Legends of Lust

Reviewed by: sharkeysbar
Date: 05/06/2006
Summary: legends or myths?

This 1972 film is a sort of morality tale (well I think so), it contains a trilogy of stories that on the surface level all relate directly to lust, but on a deeper level there are certainly messages. I have been told maybe I am reading too much into this film, that it was a mere excuse to be a bit cheeky(all puns intended) in HK in the early 1970s.
I found it an enjoyable movie, but honestly it is not anything special and not particularly anything (funny, dramatic, cute, scary etc), but there are moments that are quite weird, like the blow up doll that someone has pawned (!!) in 19th century China, bizarre maybe the word. The blow up doll itself is even more strange, but I will leave that for the viewer to enjoy, hehe.
You can do a lot worse than spend 90 minutes watching this romp, so all in all, I'd say give it a viewing and by the end you'd have had a few chuckles.

Reviewer Score: 5