} (1976)
The Condemned

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 03/30/2004

This flick was quite decent. The story, fights, and action sequences were good to above average. This “brotherhood” flick from David Chiang is quite different for all of the characters I’ve seen David Chiang play. He doesn’t really know any gung fu and he plays a goofy pickpocket character that somebody like Wong Yu would play. The story is quite simple. A man named Feng Da Gang (Tsai Hung) is mistakenly accused of partaking in a robbery and mass murder of a wealthy villa. Feng is thrown in jail where later he meets up with Yang Lin (David Chiang), the local petty thief/pickpocket, whom he later befriends. Eventually, Yang and Feng break out of jail with the mindset of taking on the group of folks that did them wrong.