Chelsia My Love

Reviewed by: Cissi
Date: 07/08/2001
Summary: 5/10-Soap opera material

This movie is interesting for two reasons. One, during this period Kenny Bee wanted to break into the Taiwanese market, so we see him speaking in Mandarin. Two, Kwan San, who plays the father, also happens to be Rosamund Kwan's father.

Apart from that, this movie is straight out of those 60s weepies. Chelsia is a gifted musician (with a heavily branded piano) who has an incurable illness (her parents try to hide this fact, with the weird reason to protect her from depression). Kenny Bee, who is in a band with her, likes her, but Chelsia's wilful little sister likes him. A mildly interesting, predictable soap opera, with stock characters (stoic dad, gentle mum, saintly main character, gentlemanly suitor, etc), a lot of tears and long anguished scenes. If you can stand tears and also understand Mandarin, you might be able to watch this from beginning to end. If you hate overwrought films and/or can't understand Mandarin, like me (I gave up after misinterpreting "this looks nice" for "rear view mirror") then give this a miss.