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教頭 (1979)
The Kung-Fu Instructor

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 05/23/2007
Summary: nothign special

Ti lung is a kung fu instructor who pisses people off in his town by teaching his students all his knowledge (which is not entirely true) and the other kung fu masters get upset as they dont want others to be better than them.

Another town is divided in two, literally, and whoever crosses the boarder can get there leg chopped off, the line is right in the middle of town by the way. The bad guys from this side set a plot which forces ti lung to teach the bad guys clan, though he has no loyality to any clan. Soon ti lung, finds out this clan up really not so nice............

apart from the tragic circumstancs that occur to ti lung at the beginning, there is nothing special about this movie. The action itself is ok but nothing special. WAng yu always looks better having a supporting starring role.

IF there is nothing else to watch, look this way

Reviewer Score: 6

Reviewed by: MrBooth
Date: 08/14/2006
Summary: 8.5/10 - nearly classic

Kung Fu master Wong Yang (Ti Lung) is resented by the other schools in the area because he does not follow the principle "a master should never teach his students everything he knows". Also because he's much better at kung fu than them, no doubt. Tyrant Meng (Ku Feng) wants Wong to teach his skills to his clan, and conspires with the other schools to frame him for murder, then offers him refuge in exchange for his tutorship.

The Kung-Fu instructor is another winner from Sun Chung, with a strong story and script that provide Ti Lung with a majestic, powerful character that he clearly relishes playing (Wong Yang is in some ways reminiscent of Jet Li's Wong Fei Hung). The film features some superb fight scenes and training scenes, with Ti Lung clearly in excellent form and choreographers Tang Chia and Huang Pei-Chi coming up with some superb ideas. Production values are high, with the only negative to the film being some poor acting from a few cast members (e.g. Wong Yu is rather annoying, and seems to think he's Fu Sheng).

Doesn't quite make it to "classic" status because of the acting and a lack of a real hook to distinguish it from other films of the genre... but it's close.


Reviewer Score: 8

Reviewed by: pjshimmer
Date: 05/12/2002

An okay movie featuring nothing special. In a nutshell, Ti Lung is a kung fu instructor who teaches all his knows. Other instructors in town want him to stop because they each want to hold on/preserve part of their practices (i.e. never teach everything to disciples), so they drive him out of town. Pretty standard stuff with very slow action. Still, it's not too bad.


Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/08/1999

The story is a Kung Fu master who is a master of the staff. Whenhe practices his kata he finishes it in an unorthodox way by dragging his pole to a sudden stop. A student wants to learn from him and spies on him from the roof and copies his form up to that point and wonders why he doesn't finish. I can't remember much more of this because it was so long ago.

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