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撞到正 (1980)
The Spooky Bunch

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/08/1999

A down-at-heel Cantonese opera company arrives in Cheung Chau toperform for a rich man, who wants to marry off his nephew Dick to the star of the company, Ah Gee (Siao Fong Fong). The uncle believes there is a curse on his family and is convinced that the marriage can end the curse. As soon as they arrive, the company is thwarted by a female spirit, Catshit, who turns out to be the precursor of a whole army of spirits sent to pester the uncle and one of the older actors. Only then do Ah Gee and Dick find out that the danger has nothing to do with a curse, but a crime committed by Ah Gee's ancestors. This involved selling bad medicines to soldiers as a result of which a whole platoon of ghosts is out for vengeance.

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