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武狀元 (1980)
Super Power

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 02/28/2004

Good Billy Chong flick that showcases his talents quite well. This is another one of those revenge flicks but one with a “different” twist. First we see this dying old Master (Cheung Chok Chow) who summons his son, Kang Si Man (Hau Chiu Sing), and tells him of his last wishes: Take revenge on the 5 Masters who caused him and their clan to lose face many moons ago. Like a good son, Kang Si Man and his brothers plot to kill these masters one by one until a couple are left. Next in line is a Master Wan (Lau Dan). He is ready to accept a duel with Kang Si Man but his son, Chun Ming (Billy Chong), gets word of the situation and tries to help his Father by taking on Kang Si Man himself. Turns out Chun Ming’s “Spiritual Fist” is no good, so Chun Ming’s Father gets an old buddy of his, Chao Ming (Wong Chi Ming), to teach his son some variations of the Eagle Claw style. With this new style learned, Chun Ming decides to take on Kang Si Man and his Horse Boxing style in an action packed ending.